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Hammel pitches 1-hitter, Orioles beat Braves

Jason Hammel just wanted go deep into the game and give Baltimore's bullpen some rest.He nearly got his first no-hitter in the process.Hammel pitched a one-hitter for his first career shutout,

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Hammel pitches 1-hitter, Orioles beat Braves

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Golden Gate Bridge at 75: five facts

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We hope we look this good at 75. The Golden Gate Bridge, the famously orange suspension bridge, connected San Francisco to Marin County for the first time in 1937. And the connecter became an icon of

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Women recall brutal attack on Giants fan

Three women who were in Dodger Stadium during a brutal attack on a Giants fan gave graphic accounts Thursday of the chaotic scene in a parking lot where the man was chased, punched, kicked and left

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sports article on Women recall brutal attack on Giants fan regarding Kicked, Judge, Giants, Sanchez, Punched, Attack, Bryan, Bodily, Heard, Pulled, Defendants, Norwood, Walked, Opening

Women recall brutal attack on Giants fan

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A Top 10 hit list in NBA history

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A look at the worst fights, punches and cheap shots in NBA history:1. Kermit Washington vs. Rudy TomjanovichWith a fight already going on at midcourt of a 1977 game between the Los Angeles Lakers and

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Alec Baldwin Engaged To 28-Year-Old Girlfriend

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Alec Baldwin is planning a trip down the aisle with his 28-year-old girlfriend!A rep for the actor, who turns 54 on Tuesday, confirmed to Access Hollywood that the "30 Rock" star has popped the

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